Masterclass I

Piano & Violoncello

The planning of our very first masterclass took us a whole year but the result was absolutely worth it.

Discover, what made this event such a special experience for everyone involved.

Every Student of our first Classe d’Elégance had the unique opportunity to study with a true master of its instrument. For our first masterclass we had the honour to have Jeungbeum Sohn for piano and Matias de Oliveira Pinto for violoncello as our masters in residence.

The masterclass included daily one on one sessions between our masters and students, ensemble studies and a public final concert in Limoux.

Prof. Matias de Oliveira Pinto was born in São Paulo, Brazil, into a family of artists. He received piano and cello lessons in his early childhood and became a lecturer at the age of 18 at the music academy in Curitiba (Brazil). In Europe he studied with Prof. Eberhard Finke, Prof. Csaba Onczay, Antonio Meneses, Gerhard Mantel, William Pleeth and Paul Tortelier.
Prof. Pinto made a name for himself both as a soloist and as a lecturer. He holds a professorship at the Musikhochschule Münster and is a visiting professor at the UdK Berlin. He regularly holds masterclasses all over the world alongside other well-known artists.

Jeungbeum Sohn won the 9th International German Piano Award in 2019. Just two years earlier he was the first Korean pianist to acclaim the 1st prize at the ARD International Music Competition with his powerful and impeccable technic and mature and sincere musical sense.
Further awards include the George Enescu International Competition and the Minister prize from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea.
JeungBeum has worked with numerous renowned orchestras including the Bavarian symphony orchestra, the Munich Chamber Orchestra in Munich, the One Korea Youth Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Myung Whun Chung, the Korean Symphony Orchestra, the Colloquium Musicum Basel Orchestra and many more.

On day one a group of cellists and pianists from 8 different countries arrived on Domaine de Bourigeols. Anyone knew each other.

On the last day, everyone went home as friends and fellow musicians, staying in contact to discuss and exchange ideas about music and life.

A typical day starts with a mutual breakfast, provided by our fantastic cook, followed by a warm-up session with the whole group.

After this, the students had one on one sessions with the masters in which they could discuss and exchange ideas. Having the opportunity to work for several days in an intimate setting with a true masters of his instruments is a very special opportunity and provided great inspiration and insight for everyone.

To prepare and practice the Domaine offers lots of inspiring and unique places, that could be used like the ancient orangery, one of the several  recording spaces or just a place outside under an olive tree or in the wineyards.

Days ended like they began: with good food and drinks in a group of nice people.

The Domaine de Bourigeols provides a very special atmosphere that immediately  captivates everyone. The isolated location with its old but beautifully renovated accommodations and the surrounding nature offer a very impressive and creative environment.
The professional recording studio Limusic, as well as numerous places to practice make this place truly a one of a kind.

To give this week the special finale it deserves, we organized a public concert at the Musée du Piano in Limoux. Jeungbeum Sohn, Matias de Oliveira Pinto and all the students all prepared one mutual concert, which was met with great approval.